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The Occupied Japan Empire Urgently Request Protection From Bioweapons Attacks

27 February 2020,

Taihoku (Taipei), Formosa (Taiwan)

Document Number: GA-13-031-P3

From: Mr. Selig S.N. Tsai

     The Plenipotentiary Prime Minister

     The Government of Japan Empire;

President of the Red Cross of Japan Empire
(United Nations’ NGO Rescue Committee for the people of Japan Empire; RCJE)

Address: No.263, Sec. 6, Yanping N. Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Formosa, the occupied sovereign State of Empire of Japan (Japan Empire)

Email Address: geneva4th@rcje.org, sovaha@gmail.com, Geneva4th@protonmail.com

Website: http://www.RCJE.org , http://www.ReGovJE.org

Respected to

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) President Mr. Peter Maurer and All ICRC members;

Swiss Federal Council and H.E. President Mr. Ueli Maurer;


United Nations General-Secretary António Guterres, and please give my regards to all member States of the United Nations, and please give my regards to all officials and workers of the United Nations;

Prime Minster Mr. Shinzō Abe of the sovereign State of Japan (since 3 May 1947), of which sovereign power resides with Japanese people;

Vatican City State, Pope Francis;

The Occupying Power

The principal Occupying Power – each government of the State of the United States of America (hereinafter “USA”, “US”) and President Mr. Donald John Trump;

US dispatched Chiang Kai-shek armed group (also known as the Republic of China in Taiwan, hereinafter “ROC”), President Ms. Tsai Ing-wen,




我謹代表主權的大日本帝國的政府,在榮耀的1949的日內瓦公約之下,感謝聯合國回函的GA-13-031(20200114) 祝福成功與鼓勵於我國政府「請求1949的日內瓦公約及其三個附加議定書在被佔領土台灣實施(GA-13-031-P2)、「大日本帝國:宣告承認國際法院的強制管轄權(GA-13-031-A3)、「宣告接受國際刑事法院的管轄權(GA-13-031-A4)、及「台灣總督府之建物及其土地之股權拍賣及其回購辦法(GA-13-031-A5)的法律文件。





關於這場突發的中國生化戰爭,大日本帝國政府向聯合國、紅十字國際委員會、佔領國美國及美國派遣的蔣介石佔領軍(中華民國在台灣,下稱 中華民國),在被佔領的大日本帝國的台灣,為被佔領的2000萬大日本帝國平民,提出以下幾點緊急請求:

1. 請美國及其佔領軍中華民國強烈限制進入被佔領土台灣的人們,如果他們在30天內到過中國、香港或澳門或其他醫院已發生感染的國家。

2. 請美國及中華民國立即停止醫療口罩、各種藥品、營養品、保健用品、醫療器材的關稅,使被佔領土台灣的醫療資源及對被佔領平民的健康照顧,能符合日內瓦第四公約規定。

3. 請美國及中華民國立即協助紅十字國際委員會進入被佔領土台灣監控疫情及分配各種救援物資給基於國籍尊嚴的2000萬大日本帝國國民及並對大日本帝國國民提供國際援助;

並防止中華民國及其中華民國的紅十字在19451025日進入被佔領的大日本帝國台灣後,曾經發生的掠奪轉賣國際救災物資導致被佔領的大日本帝國台灣平民數千人死亡的情形(請見 被出賣的台灣,作者:GEORGE H. KERR)

4. 請美國及中華民國遵守日內瓦第四公約規定,通知我國政府接管台灣的民事海關,派遣專業醫療團隊對輸入台灣之物資及進入台灣之人員進行檢疫。

Your Excellency,


On behalf of the Government of the sovereign State of the Empire of Japan (JPE Government) and under the honorable Geneva Conventions of 1949, I thank the United Nations for replying the GA-13-031(20200114) of greetings and wishing success on the JPE Government’s legal documents of “Requesting for the implementation of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their three Additional Protocols in the occupied territory of Taiwan” (GA-13-031-P2), “JAPAN EMPIRE: DECLARATION RECOGNIZING AS COMPULSORY THE JURISDICTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE” (GA-13-031-A3), “DECLARATION ACCEPTING THE JURISDICTION OF INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT” (GA-13-031-A4), and “Act of Auctioning the Equity of Building of Governor–General of Taiwan and with its Buyback” (GA-13-031-A5).


COVID-19 virus (The Wuhan Coronavirus)


Recently, there are some critical bioweapon attacks in the China theater of World War II (hereinafter, “China theater”) in which there is no peace treaty to the belligerent sovereign States of World War II, and the China theater is nearby to the occupied Japan Empire’s territory of Taiwan.

At the end of the December of 2019, the Wuhan Coronavirus was broke out in the said China theater. The situation is severe as predicted by the Johns Hopkins University in January 2020, and it shows that Taiwan and Thailand, which have close contacts with China, may be the second worst affected countries/areas.

This is a war. More and more information indicates that the outbreak came from the manufacturing of biochemical weapons by the government of the People's Republic of China.

Regarding this sudden Chinese biochemical war (the Wuhan Coronavirus), the JPE Government for the sake of saving the occupied civilians of 20 million Japan Empire nationals, brings the following urgent requests, to the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the principal Occupying Power (i.e. USA) and its dispatched Chiang Kai-shek armed group known as the Republic of China in Taiwan (hereinafter “ROC” ):

1. Requests the USA and ROC to strongly restrict persons entering the occupied territory of Taiwan if the said persons have been to China, Hong Kong or Macau or other countries of which its hospitals have been infected by COVID-19 virus (The Wuhan Coronavirus) within 30 days.

2. Requests the USA and ROC immediately to stop collecting ROC’s import tariffs for surgical medical masks, medical drugs, nutritional supplements and to sufficiently supply the needs of the occupied civilians in the occupied territory of Taiwan in accordance with the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949.

3. Requests the USA and ROC immediately assisting the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to station in the occupied territory of Taiwan, to monitor the epidemic and allocate various relief supplies to the 20 million Japan Empire nationals based on the dignity of nationality and to offer the Japan Empire nationals international rescues;

and to prevent the ROC and its Red Cross Society of the Republic of China from pillaging and selling the international relief supplies ,this had happened many times before and had caused thousands Japan Empire nationals dead after 25 October 1945 - the day that ROC landed to occupy the Japan Empire territory in Taiwan. (Please see “FORMOSA BETRAYED” Author: GEORGE H. KERR)

4. Requests the USA and ROC to observe the provisions of the GCIV by notifying the JPE Government to handle the civil customs in the occupied territory of Taiwan, and by accepting the Japan Empire medical professional teams to quarantine materials imported into Taiwan and personnel entering Taiwan.


May God bestow blessings to everyone in this world.

Yours Sincerely,
Selig S.N. Tsai

The Plenipotentiary Prime Minister of the State of the Empire of Japan (Japan Empire)

27 February 2020, Reiwa 2