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Congratulation & Heartiest Electoral Victory Greetings To His Excellency Tun Dr. Mahathir, Prime Minister of Malaysia
And To The Pakatan Harapan Party and All Distinguished Members of Your Cabinet,

1 June 2018
Government of Japan Empire
also known as the Re-establishing1 Government of Japan Empire


His Excellency Tun Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahatir Bin Mohamad,
Respected Pakatan Harapan Party and
All Distinguished Members of The Malaysian Cabinet.


On behalf of Government of the sovereign State – Japan Empire, I congratulate you on your electrifying Election victory for the “rakyat” of Malaysia with utmost respect and sincerity.

1 Re-establishing, the word comes from “re-establishment”, which is defined in Article 6 of IV GENEVA  CONVENTION RELATIVE TO THE PROTECTION OF CIVILIAN PERSONS IN TIME OF WAR OF 12 AUGUST 1949 (“GCIV”, or “Fourth Geneva Convention”)

Our country, the Japan Empire, is still under military occupation since 2 September 1945 by the U.S.General Douglas MacArthur’s “General Order No.1”.
Japan Empire’s territory Taiwan (Formosa) is continuously occupied by the U.S. Aggression Force-Chinese Refugees Armed Group (USAF-CRAG). The government of Japan Empire had ever been “temporary disappearance²“ since 3 May 1947 until 20 February 2014.

I strongly hope under your tenureship, your excellency could support us to rebuild our sovereign rights as granted by the Hague Conventions of 1907, the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the principles of the UN Charter and seek your excellency permission to be our Protecting Power. Meanwhile, in anticipation, we would like to work hand-in-hand with Malaysia by using our advance bio-physics technologies to prosper and heal fellow Malaysian in the field of alternate medicine and enrich them in eco-sustainable agriculture practices.

Last but not least, please covey our best regards to our Honorable Dato Husam for introducing your excellency to us.

Once again, congratulations on your victory. Please accept the assurances of my highest consideration.

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Dr. Yusuf Liu Shih Po.
At Chubei, Taiwan (Formosa).


The Government of Japan Empire

Central Information Agency of Government of Japan Empire under the Fourth Geneva Convention
Address: No. 263 Section 6 Yan-Ping North Road, Shi-Lin district of Taipei City 11172, Taiwan (Formosa)
Email Address: Geneva4th@rcje.orgsovaha@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ReGovJE.org , and RCJE’s website: http://www.RCJE.org


cc: Honorable Dato Husam

2  temporary dissapiarance, this term is afforded in Article 2, Commentary, paragraph 1 of GCIV,
 “Since 1907 experience has shown that many armed conflicts, displaying all the characteristics of a war, may arise without being preceded by any of the formalities laid down in the 1907 Hague Convention. Furthermore, there have been many cases where States at war have contested the legitimacy of the enemy Government and therefore refused to recognize the existence of a state of war. In the same way, the temporary disappearance of sovereign States as a result of annexation or capitulation, has been put forward as a pretext for not observing one or other of the humanitarian Conventions.”