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Meiji Japanese
Imperial Diet - House of Peers

Illegal Chinese elections held in the occupied Meiji Japanese territories
URGENT / War Crimes No.151231 / 31 Dec 2015



Aggression Power, USA
United States of America (USA), President Barack Hussein Obama
USAF-CRAG (see annex 1; The aggression army is acting on behalf of USA, by General Order No.1 of Allied Powers’ leader General MacArthur who assigned by USA President. )
President of Republic of China (ROC) in exile, 馬英九 
Central Election Commission of Republic of China (ROC) in exile,


United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon
United Nations General Assembly
United Nations International Court of Justice
United Nations International Criminal Court Office of the Prosecutor

Swiss Federal Council
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
States who ratified San Francisco Peace Treaty

U.S. aggression force in the occupied territories of our State to hold ROC President election and ROC Legislative Yuan election have violated International Laws and violated Laws of War. Its relevant electoral affairs shall terminate immediately; and USA shall immediately return our Government all the courts and Civil Resources.


  1. The USA’s dispatching force, the U.S. Aggression Force-Chinese Refugees Armed Group (“USAF-GRAG”, see annex 1) is occupying territories of our State, Taiwan and Penghu. And it is occupying all over our national courts, Civil authorities and Civil Resources;
  2. USAF-GRAG is scheduling on 16 January 2016 to hold elections for the President of Republic of China(“ROC”) and for the Legislative Yuan of ROC;
  3. The events which mentioned in item 1, 2 above have seriously violated Hague Convention of 1907 and violated the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 provided in Article 47 and Article 147. It is the obvious evidence of War Crimes.
  4. The events which mentioned in item 1, 2 also violate San Francisco Peace Treaty (“SFPT”) that China shall not be entitled to the benefits of Article 2 of SFPT like Korea. Any States who ratified SFPT shall immediately send troops to expel the Republic of China in Taiwan.
  5. The events which mentioned in item 2 above have violated United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 that People's Republic of China is the only legitimate representative of China and the ROC had been replaced. The elections for ROC President is contempt for the UN General Assembly and China;
  6. USAF-GRAG has been violating Laws of War from 25 Oct 1945 the day after the day that Charter of the United Nations came into force, occupying all our courts , Civil authorities, citizen public authorities and Civil Resources. USA shall return all those to our Government immediately.

In summary, according to the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 provided in Article 27, USA is responsible for the treatment accorded to protected persons (the civilians of Japan Empire) by USA’s agents.
USAF-CRAG is an USA’s agent that occupies Japan Empire’s territories Taiwan. (“USAF-GRAG”, see annex 1, and more details on )
For such offenses, the USA shall be responsible for and shall deal with USAF-CRAG’s War Crimes.

President of Imperial Diet - House of Peers of Japan Empire

Tsai-PeiHsun 蔡佩勳


Annex 1