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The Duties & Benefits of the Protecting Power for Executing the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 to the State of the Empire of Japan (Japan Empire, JPE)


11 April 2019, Taihoku (Taipei), Formosa (Taiwan)



The sovereignty between the Japan Empire and the new Japan are completely different.

The State of the Japanese Empire, also known as the State of the Empire of Japan (hereinafter “Japan Empire”, “JPE”)

The State of the Japanese People (which was forced to be independent from the Japan Empire on 3 May 1947)

On 3 May 1947, the US forced a new Japan (of which sovereign power resides with Japanese people) to be independent from the Japan Empire (of which sovereign entities are His Majesty the Emperor and the JPE Government).


During the World War II, the sovereign State of Japan Empire (JPE) has been fighting against the imperialism of the USA and the British Empire.

(If you said the World War II had been passed, and this document shall use the past tense or past perfect tense in grammar, then please notice that there is no any peace treaty to end the said War between the sovereignties of the belligerent States of the JPE and the USA.)

The JPE’s sovereign territories include the present Japan (new Japan), the south and north Korea, Taiwan (Formosa) and Penghu (Pescadores), and the Spratly Islands and the Paracel Islands.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 2 of the Principle of the UN Charter (1945), the US-led Allied Powers shall refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State (including the said Japan Empire.)

3. Subsequently, here, we got some serious problems.

The first question is “Where is the sovereign State of the Empire of Japan (JPE) as of today?”

The second question is “Why do the nationals of the JPE still exist in Formosa and Pescadores (Taiwan)?”

The third question is “How many populations of the JPE nationals, now, live in Taiwan? (It is sciencely estimated to 20 million JPE nationals in 23 million of Taiwan population.)”

The fourth question is “How about the human rights of the nationals of the Japan Empire in their day to day lives?”

The fifth question is “Why are the nationals of the Japan Empire not protected yet by the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention after their JPE Government made the declaration to respect and accept and accession to the 1949 Geneva Conventions and their three Additional Protocols?”

The sixth and hopefully the last question is “According to the Genocide definitions which is provided by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), has not the USA President committed genocide against the Japan Empire nationals in Taiwan?”

“If it is not that the USA President has continuously committed genocide against the Japan Empire nationals, then who has continuously committed genocide against the nationals of the Japan Empire in Taiwan?”

We are so appreciative that Your Excellency could take time to read this document.

This document not only analyzes and makes solutions to the above mentioned problems under international law; but also respectfully invites Your Excellency to restore the sovereign rights of the occupied State, to protect the human rights of the nationals of the occupied State under international law.

We, at the JPE Government, request Your State to be the Protecting Power, to dedicate together with our State for the civilizing the human society, of respecting the sovereignty of any State, of protecting human rights, of living in peace, in health, and in wealth.





在二戰時,有一個對抗美國及大英帝國之帝國殖民主義的主權國家 – 大日本帝國,






3. 但是,


問題 2、大日本帝國的國民為什麼仍存在於台灣與澎湖?






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Preliminary statement

Part 1

Why is Taiwan the occupied territory?   Which State’s sovereignty still presents in Taiwan? And, Taiwan is under occupied by which State?


A.  Formosa and Pescadores (Taiwan) are the sovereign territories of the State of the Empire of Japan (Japan Empire, JPE).

B.  The sovereign territories of Formosa and Pescadores (Taiwan) of the JPE as of today are still being occupied by Chiang Kai-shek armed group which is dispatched by General Order No.1 from the US-led Allied Powers.

Part 2

Who are the persons protected by the Fourth Geneva Convention (GCIV) in Formosa and Pescadores (Taiwan)?

Part 3

The duty of the Protecting Power to the State of the Empire of Japan, in the occupied territories (Formosa and Pescadores), is asking the Occupying Power (USA) to comply with the GCIV.

The Protecting Power should station its military personnel in the occupied territories.

The Protecting Power shall, supervise and demand the Occupying Power - the United States of America (USA) and its dispatched force - Chiang Kai-shek armed group (which had fooled people in the world by calling itself the Republic of China; hereinafter ”ROC”,) to observe the following provisions provided by the GCIV:

Part 4

The benefits of the Protecting Power, of the Japan Empire, in the occupied territory (Taiwan) and with respect to the international honor and interest, are listed as follows:

It’s the honor and glory of being the Protecting Power under the Geneva Conventions of 1949.

The Japan Empire will honor and promise to the Protecting Power that executes the GCIV in the said occupied territory (Taiwan) the highest approbation in our relationship indefinitely.

Signature in force on 11 April 2019

Definitions of Terms





















Part 1



A. 台灣與澎湖是大日本帝國的主權領土


 B. 大日本帝國的主權領土台灣正被美國為首盟軍以第一號命令派遣蔣介石佔領

Part 2



Part 3



保護國應進駐 被佔領領土 大日本帝國臺灣



Part 4






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