On behalf of the Government of the sovereign State of the Empire of Japan (Japan Empire Government, JPE Government), I, Selig S.N. Tsai, as the Plenipotentiary Prime Minister of the Japan Empire, publish this “Act of Auctioning the Equity of Building of Governor–General of Taiwan and with its Buyback;

For the purpose of protecting the nationals of the sovereign State of the Empire of Japan (Japan Empire nationals) from genocide, and instituting legal proceedings before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and before the International Court of Justice(ICJ) or befocre the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) , against the critical war crimes committed by the Occupying Power of the United States and the US dispatched Chiang Kai-shek armed group (also known as the Republic of China in Taiwan, hereinafter “ROC”).

The said Building is currently known as the office of the President of the Republic of China.



Legal Basis

(GA-13-031-P1) [Japan Empire] Observing and Respecting the Geneva Conventions of 1949;


(GA-13-031-P2) [Japan Empire]Requesting for the implementation of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their three Additional Protocols in the occupied territory of Taiwan (Formosa and the Pescadores).



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