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Praying for repose of souls in Heisei 30

Praying for repose of souls on 15 August 2018

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The late heroic warriors of the Japanese Empire,
The deceased respected subjects of the Japanese Empire,

You had complied with International Law, Laws of War, and the customs of Laws of War.

For the Human Rights in the Greater East Asia;
for peace and prosperity of the world;
for our honorable country, the Japanese empire;
for the sovereign entity of our country who has reigned over and has governed our country by a line of Emperors unbroken for ages eternal, the Majesty of the Emperor;
therefore, you had practiced the value of your own lives.

We thank you with the highest respect.

You had consecrated your lives, under brutal war of enemy State’s aggression, colonization, crime against humanity.
Now you have returned to the infinity of the universe, the light and the kindness of the Holy Spirit.
Please rest in the Holy Spirit of light and kindness, accept our gratitude and respect.

Holy Spirit of light and kindness,
We thank you for your guiding us to have the right we shall have of the fourth Geneva Convention.
We thank you for you have arranged the resettlement of the people of Japan Empire, let us return to our country, Japan Empire which is the country before military occupation of United States; let us return to the Human Rights of sovereign right of Japan Empire.
We thank you for you have given us peace happiness prosperity and health.


--- Appendix

Sovereignty and the sovereign right

The simplest meaning of the sovereignty is "the ownership of the State".

Sovereignty: The two legal meanings of "the ownership of the State" are
1. Who owns the sovereignty;
2. What belongs to the sovereignty.

1. The Emperor and the Imperial Government have sovereignty of the Japanese Empire; they are sovereign entities of the Japanese Empire.
2. Japan, North Korea, Korea, Formosa and Pescadores,  Kurile Islands, portion of Sakhalin and the islands, Okinawa, Spratly Islands and Paracel Islands, belong to the sovereignty of the Japanese Empire.


The sovereignty of any State cannot be vanished because of UN member State's threat or use of force, as provided by UN Charter, Article 2 - 4.

The Japanese Empire had signed armistice agreement on 2 September 1945, and the Imperial Government used to be "temporary disappearance" since 3 May 1947, and therefore has no peace treaty ( between the Japanese Empire and the Allied Powers ) to end Great East Asia War.
No peace treaty, the Second World War is no end.
The Japanese Empire has been continously occupied by the Allied Powers.


Pursuant to the Geneva Conventions of 1949, the Re-establishing Government of the Japanese Empire on 20 Feburary 2014 has made declaration of respecting to, accepting the said Conventions and their three Additional Protcols in all circumstances,
1. the military occupation does not transfer sovereignty.
2. the military occupation does not change the nationality  of Japanese Empire that inhabitants of Formosa and Pescadores had already been of.
3. before "the resettlement of Japanese Empire nationals" take place to set them back to the sovereign governance of Japanese Empire,
all of the Japanese Empire nationals should benefit by the Fourth Geneva Convention.


Sovereign right: The rights of a State under condition of owing sovereignty.
The operation of sovereign right is divided into three branches: the right of execution, the right of legislation, and the right of jurisdiction.
Only the State having the legal sovereignty over the concerned territory has its sovereign right.

The military occupation may limit parts of sovereign right for Occupying Power's military security, but shall not transfer the sovereign right to the Occupying Power, nor shall take away executive, legislature, judiciary from legal sovereign right in the occupied territories.



(Sec.) Prime Minister of Japan Empire, Selig S. N. Tsai

15 August 2018, Taihoku, Formosa of occupied Empire of Japan

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